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Daily driver 2nd Generation Toyota Tundra

Contact reference number: #160409-000024

There are many things to like about the Toyota Tundra, but the lack of QDR is not one of them.

The goal of this site will be to educate a person about the supposed QDR Toyota claims about the Tundra.

Great engineering went into the Tundra (6 bolt main, trapezoidally mounted leaf springs, 4 piston fixed calipers, hob cut ring gear, dual overhead cams,   heat exchangers, etc.), but when parts and assembly do not meet the same level commitment as the engineering that went into it, don't expect QDR. I bought into the QDR by the awards won and especially the Tundra Deconstructed series found on YouTube. What I received instead were frequent trips to the dealership, to the point where I was on a first name basis with two service managers.

Also, read this article on TundraHeadquarters that discusses Quality Expectations. It's really interesting, especially Mike Sweers' response to the repairs made to my Tundra. His response was "Not ours or TSB".  I'll admit I was surprised by it because it sounds like he's deflecting blame.  But then he comments on the MillionMileTundra by implying that engineering played a role in the QDR for this particular Tundra.  Also, when he was asked " Do the repairs made to my Tundra meet Toyota’s definition of QDR? Yes or No" there is no answer.

So decide for yourself where the Tundra ranks among Ford, GM, and RAM in terms of QDR.

Note to self: Add notes on Toyota's haphazard truck program (the Land Cruiser get's lockers but the Tundra TRD Pro does not), status change (now a niche vehicle), change in marketing tone (Killer Heat, etc.) to car like commercials and slow product changes are keeping it from being competitive in the light truck market; Tundra went from Truck to Changing it all to the truck that's not changing at all

Click on each problem below for more information on each repair made to my Tundra.


11335  / Bug shield mounting brackets wore through paint

16901 / Oil leaking onto exhaust heat shield

17090 / Oil still leaking, Cam Tower Leak

17632 / Front end growl TSB-0121-08 (replaced front axle and differential)

31059 / Paint problems, dull spots and dark bloches

41424 / Grinding from rear axle when turning, TSB-0013-18 (replaced backing plates and rear axle bearings)

45696 / Pickup Bed Rust TSB-01001-12 (picked bed replaced)

54732 / Rear Axle Seal leak (rear axle seal replaced)

56740 / Tail Gate Rust (rust fix, but was told the tailgate should have been replaced when the pickup bed was replaced)

56740 / Heater box blend door seized, HAVC unit replaced

59483 / AC does not work, added refrigerant

59714 / AC does not work, Heater box Evaporator leaking refrigerant from seam, truck at Toyota dealer for five days (3 days waiting for evaporator replacement); after inspection of work noticed 3 fasteners missing from glove box and tray that holds the owner's manual is broken

New: Toyota Care Experience

New: Million Mile Tundra

New:  Other known problems

New: Tundra Brake Controller Problems

*****/ Occasional startup clatter, seems to be related to ambient temperature of about 30 degrees Fahrenheit and sitting for about 8 hours. The motor oil used is Toyota synthetic oil 0w20 and oil level is kept within acceptable range as measured on the oil dip stick. Also using Toyota oil filter that is replaced at every oil change.

Below is a copy of the original sticker, use the last digits of the VIN and match it up with each service repair visit.